iMRS PEMF device

There are three systems to choose from, each one delivering the same earth based frequencies with the same control unit. There are a few differences in available applicators, intensities and the iGUIDE library which only comes with the iMRS Professional system.

iMRS Systems prices start at £ 2520 €2648 US$ 3775

iMRS Wellfit system

Control unit and power plug including international adaptors

Two applicators – Full body mat and the Pad

Minute settings – 8, 16 and 24 minutes

Intensities from ‘sensitive’ to 200

iMRS Complete

Control unit and power plug including international adaptors

Three Applicators – Full body mat, Pad and the Probe applicator

Minute settings – 8,16 and 24

Intensities from ‘sensitive’ to 400

iMRS Professional

Control unit and power plug including international adaptors

Three Applicators – Full body mat, Pad and Probe applicator

Intensities from ‘sensitive’ to 400

  • iGUIDE – a virtual application database with more than 3,000 pre-programmed settings for all three applicators.
  • Adjustable timer for sessions lasting from 2 – 60 minutes.

iMRS Comparison Chart

Feature iMRS Wellfit iMRS Complete iMRS Professional
Control Unit
Power Plug
Owner´s Manual
Whole Body Mat
Pillow Applicator
Probe Applicator optional
Build-In Music Player
SD-Card System
Intensity Levels sens – 200 (7) sens – 400 (8) sens – 400 (8)
Timer 8 / 16 / 24 min 8 / 16 / 24 min 1 – 60 min
iGUIDE, SD-Card optional
Travel Applicator optional optional optional
Lithium Ion Battery Pack optional optional optional
3-Year Warranty
Extended Warranty 48 or 60 Months optional optional optional

Whole body applicator

The iMRS Full body mat applicator uses 3 pairs of coils to deliver the electromagnetic pulsations to the entire body simultaneously. It automatically incorporates variances in the circadian rhythms of the human body with the 4 different programmes depending on the time of day. The iMRS uses the Chinese Organ body clock. The Full body applicator is used to enhance circulatory effects and oxygen delivery, for improving energy, stamina and sleep and for overall wellness. The whole body applicator generates a saw tooth electromagnetic wave form.

Local Pad Applicator

The Pad applicator uses 1 pair of coils with an equal number of copper windings in each coil to generate two symmetrical electromagnetic contours. It is commonly used to release tension in headaches and in the neck, shoulders and lower back to reduce pain and muscle tension after exercise or injury and to support the lungs, pancreas, kidneys, liver, digestive tract and lower abdominal organs. The pad applicator can be used to assist in the relief of pain and discomfort in tendinitis, arthritis and plantar fascitis, bursitis and myofascitis and other pain conditions.

Local Probe Applicator

The Probe applicator is able to convert electrical impulses to the highest average peak intensity delivered by the iMRS  – 300 micro Tesla. The Full body applicator and the Pad applicator have a maximum average output of 45 Micro Tesla. The probe is useful in concentrating a more intense square wave to smaller areas of the body; for example the joints of the hand and feet, the sinuses and the TMj (jaw) joint. It can also be used in the elbow and knee joints. The probe is a very helpful applicator for those involved in sports and for those with chronic joint pain.

The iMORE and iSLRS, which can be purchased individually and added to your iMRS system or purchased as a SET with any of the iMRS systems, are described in more detail in this section.

All  iMRS systems have a 3 year warranty including all the applicators. Additional warranties can be purchased to extended for an additional year or two years when you confirm your purchase.

From the 1st March 2020 we no longer offer the iMRS on the ‘Rent to Own programme’. The iMRS will only be available to purchase this month as an outright purchase before the iMRS PRIME is launched at the end of April 2020.  The iMRS Wellfit will cost £ 2520 and you will be given the iSLRS free of charge worth £ 475 – this will only be whilst stocks last of the iSLRS.

We are also offering the iMRS Complete SET £ 3820 ( iMORE and the iSLRS ) upgraded to the iMRS Professional SET normally £ 4425.00( iMORE, iSLRS iGUIDE and minute by minute setting) for the price of the iMRS Complete saving you £ 530.

Many people look to use PEMF who have complex health conditions and want much more information than general guidance for use. Specific application support, a personal programme and follow up is offered but is a chargeable service payable to the PEMF Centre. Gill is a PEMF expert and has been working closely with clients looking to get the most out of their iMRS and use it correctly at the most effective settings to support their specific condition. PEMF Application support has to be confirmed and payment made before the session/ sessions take place.

Gill is passionate about PEMF and wants everyone who purchases their system through the PEMF Centre to have a great experience of our products and have many years enjoyment out of your system and is available to assist you at anytime.  When you raise a query via the technical support tab the PEMF Centre automatically gets an email from the technical department that you have raise a query. Gill will check with you if your query has been resolved to your satisfaction.

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