I have been the owner of an MRS2000, the PEMF system prior to the iMRS system since 2009 and it has become a very important ‘centre point’ in mine and my husband’s (and our dog Elsie’s) lives. We both use it as much as possible, even if we can only manage a few minutes a day, and it just seems to bring a sense of balance and harmony to our lives, both bodily and a sense of well-being and calm to our general mood each day. The dog also seems to benefit from it too. The mat is a great reliever of stress, and promotes a good night’s sleep. I often fall into a very deep sleep on the mat and wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed and energised.

It has also helped with a frozen shoulder that I had for a year ,and my husband, a Crohn’s sufferer has found that it calms the inflammation and tightness in the intestines associated with Crohn’s. I notice that when I neglect to use the mat for a while, I begin to feel fatigued and exhausted, which lifts when I start using it again, it also helps immensely with aching back and limbs, and also relieves tension headaches.

I have recently been through a difficult and stressful few years, but the mat always brings me back to balance, and calms the ‘fuzzy spikiness’ I associate with stress, and brightens my mood.

I think our lives would be very different now, if we hadn’t discovered the MRS2000 all those years ago.

Jan Howarth MRS 2000 10 years daily use June 2019

I bought the iMRS Professional set about two months ago after getting a very informative and comprehensive consultation from Gill. I had been doing a lot of research myself already and had a million and one questions for her. Gill never rushed me and took her time to not just inform me but also gave me a try-out session on the body mat…I nearly fell asleep as it was SO relaxing!! This really helped to make my decision to buy a system for myself, as my stressful job as a Camera Director with lots of travel had been taking its toll.
When I ordered the system, I also decided to get a month's training from Gill and the weekly sessions we had, were soon renamed "the Sponge & Puddle Sessions”, as I felt I was 'soaking up' as much info as I possible could.
I knew not to expect instant results, and my own research into the validity of the science behind PEMF gave me the confidence to be patient, but boy, when I got my results back from my health practitioner after using the iMRS twice daily (sometimes more) for the last 8 weeks, I was over the moon!!! The change in me that I had started to feel, had now been 100% validated and I know I’m on the right road.

July 2019 - Fast forward to today and I have now set up my own PEMF wellness therapy, of course using the iMRS. Thanks to Gill's excellent guidance and training, I feel I am now in a place where I can share the benefits of PEMF with other people. I am looking forward to working with Gill in the future on some PEMF projects in the London area.

I would recommend Gill to guide you through the "rent to own programme on the iMRS system" and to purchase the iMRS from her at the PEMF Centre. I would also recommend Gill’s highly personal and professional training to anyone, who wants take full control of their own wellbeing.

Heidi Ahsmann - Camera Director December 2018

I recently contacted Gill at the PEMF Centre regarding doing a rent to won trial of an iMRS device. She very efficiently organized everything for me and within days it arrived. As I’m a health practitioner I was very interested in everything to do with the iMRS and how to use it. Gill very kindly offered a training package which I took advantage off and once a week we spoke on the phone where Gill answered all my questions and explained the various functions, etc. of the iMRS. Gill is extremely knowledgeable in all things to do with PEMF and the iMRS in particular and very professional. She made a lot of information available to me that I probably wouldn’t have got otherwise or would have to search for myself. She’s been very friendly, patient and helpful which is very much appreciated. During our training sessions she also advised me on how to support my own health problems, in particular my sleep. Within a few days my sleep was getting deeper and improving more and more until one day I slept for 9 hours without waking up in the middle of the night! Certain aches and pains have disappeared, especially a very bad backache I’ve had. I also had a very stiff thumb joint since January where I couldn’t bend the first joint at all and now after a few weeks of using the mat I’ve started being able to slowly get some movement back again which is fantastic!

Thank you very Gill for all you do and have done!

Gunilla Naturopath and Homeopath November 2018

My sister in Australia first introduced me to Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy back in 2018. On hearing about it and with some initial scepticism I started carrying out much research online. I discovered that PEMF had been around in many parts of the world for several decades and that there had been many clinical trials and reports on its use in successfully healing certain health conditions. Having suffered problems of side effects with prescribed drugs for my enlarged prostate, and additionally having had no success in finding a solution for my IBS and insomnia, I decided to look around for a PEMF device that was suitable. I looked at the reviews and listened to recommendations and I decided to trial the IMRS PEMF mat for two months. Gill Wilson of the PEMF Centre in Hertfordshire sorted out all the details for me and very kindly followed up on my progress with useful information and advice. After a week of using the iMRS mat and pad 2 or 3 times a day the prostate and IBS pain had almost completely gone and in the next few weeks all the pain disappeared. I also found I was now sleeping a good eight hours each night and my visits to the bathroom particularly at night had decreased. As a consequence of this amazing success I decided to invest in the PEMF device and buy the IMRS Professional. In the following months my enlarged prostate symptoms have continued to minimise and I have experienced no pain from the prostate or from the IBS. I have also continued to sleep much better. In addition, the accompanying iguide has enabled me to use the iMRS to resolve many other acute or chronic health issues. Money well spent!

Keith Wood Smith - iMRS Miracle Device June 2019