iMRS PRIME The system

The NEW iMRS Prime is exciting, innovative and the only 6 Dimensional PEMF system in the world.

Combining the best of its predecessors the MRS2000, the iMRS and Omnium 1 systems (the most used PEMF systems globally) More than 20 years of research, design, manufacturing and vision has produced the iMRS Prime – Simply unique and unrivalled.

A PEMF system for holistic Health, Wellness and Vitality

Control System

The new 10.2” iMRS Prime Brain has a capacitive touch screen LCD display, with a brushed aluminium finish surround and mounted on a titanium stand.

The system is user friendly with easy to select functions and settings. Includes 7 quick start programmes in the prime Advanced system and above.

Future upgrades possible are possible with the purchase of an activation code meaning the iMRS Prime can be easily upgraded from the iMRS prime Basic to the iMRS prime Expert set.

2 earphone jacks and 2 USB jacks. One- cord connection (20 pin) to connector box. Earphone jacks allowing for use of own headphones in preference to the Exagon Brain earphones. LED power indication and 2 built in speakers and LED- Power indication.

Connector box

The connector box has the same aluminium brush finish as the control system. This ensures effective heat dissipation, ROHS/ REACH /IP20.

Designed as ‘the gateway’ between the iMRS Prime control unit and the applicator/ accessories.

Built in microprocessor with multi directional signalling.

6 Applicator jacks, 2 Sensor jacks and 2 USB jacks.

2 integrated D/A Converter allowing for two separate, individual applications with only 1 control unit.  This means if using in a clinic you could have one client on the mat and one on the spot or pillow applicator. Or with the purchase of a second mat, you could run two different programmes on each mat from the one connector box via the split screen function.

iMRS Prime

Full Body Mat Applicator – For whole body PEMF application.

A cushioned comfortable mat, well designed to last for years with multiple daily applications.

As with its predecessor the iMRS, it contains three pairs of copper coils which are rock solid and non – insulated to create the highest physical efficiency of the applied electromagnetic signal structure. The weakest field strength at the head end of the mat and the strongest at the feet.

The mat folds easily for storage or for carrying in a specially designed iMRS Prime carry case between locations.

The honeycomb structure of the biocompatible fabric has many benefits –  It’s breathable therefore prevents sweating, warmer to lie on, easy to clean and durable.

A new feature is the ‘Optical Function Control’ OFC which gives constant monitoring of the functionality of each applicator. It indicates any malfunction with a red LED light. The LED changes from blue to green during any PEMF application as the field polarity changes every two minutes. Every Exagon applicator has a built – in intelligence in order to ensure bilateral communication with the main processor of the iMRS Prime control unit.

The full body mat delivers PEMF to every cell in the body with the highly effective “saw tooth signal” as in its predecessor the iMRS.

Pad Applicator

Used for local applications as required, this new design being slightly larger than the iMRS pad still has the two copper coils but can cover a larger area such as the abdomen or the whole of the back.

There are many uses for the pad, sports injury, tension in the shoulders and back, arthritis and bone repair post fracture.

Spot Applicator

The innovation of the Spot Applicator was first introduced on the Omnium 1 six years ago and today replaces the Probe/ Metal Pencil applicator on the iMRS. The newly designed and flexible applicator for localised usage utilises the Helmholtz – Effect( i.e. when the coils in the pads are placed opposite each other they create a homogeneous magnetic field highly effective for pain relief, injury and repair.)

The spot applicator has the same rock solid coil in each of the pads with a strap which allows you to strap to a shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist or ankle. One coil can be positioned over other points of pain in the body for a more concentrated PEMF delivery with the highest density.

The spot uses a square wave signal. The Spot Applicator comes with the iMRS prime Advanced system and above.

Far Infrared FIR

The addition of Far Infrared FIR into the full body mat on the Hybrid prime models which is also delivering PEMF is quite simply ground breaking as a holistic modality, representing the most advanced PEMF applicator technology to date.

The wire structure is controlled by the iMRS prime operating panel to create the defined exposure and temperate delivery of the desired far infrared wavelengths (roughly between 3 and 14 Microns). The Exagon FIR technology together with the iMRS Prime opens a complete new horizon in the combined application of low pulsed electromagnetic waves (PEMF and Far Infrared simultaneously) and the personal experience of use is simply unique!

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