NEW Trial system – For Doctors & Therapists

The revolutionary TRIAL System – Designed for Doctors and Therapist

Planning and conducting clinical studies on PEMF is of greatest interest among the medical research society. Swiss Bionic Solutions developed specific software for the iMRS prime, allowing defining and performing all physical parameters, which are essential to create precise and replicable PEMF application protocols. New PEMF research or replicating existing study parameters within the range of low-pulsed electromagnetic stimulation can now be conducted without constructing and manufacturing expensive prototypes!

Adjustable parameters

Sine Waves, Square Waves, Sawtooth, Triangle, Trapezoidal

Carrier Frequencies:
0,1 – 39,99 KHz

Number of pulses:
fully adjustable

Impulse Breaks:
fully adjustable

Impulse repetitions:
fully adjustable

0,1 – 900 microTesla

Exagon MAT, Exagon PAD, Exagon Spot

Control panel allows you to create and administrate groups and probands within defined groups including all application protocols.

iMRS prime Trial – Full specification

  • iMRS prime Connector Box
  • Exagon Applicator FIR
  • Exagon Applicator Pad
  • Exagon Applicator Spot
  • 20-PIN prime Connector Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Software Tool: Program Mode
  • Software Tool: iGUIDE
  • Software Tool: Split Mode
  • Software Tool: Hybrid Mode
  • Software Tool: Trial