The PEMF Centre

A visit to the PEMF Centre for a Consultation

Located in Hertfordshire just off junction 25 of the M25 is the PEMF Centre where you can arrange to have a PEMF Consultation. You can come on your own or bring a family member or friend with you.

PEMF and its application is relatively new to the UK. It’s a difficult subject to initially understand and you can spend hours researching and trying to find your way through a mass of information on the internet. Book a one to one consultation with Gill Wilson Director of the Centre who has been using PEMF daily for over 9 years and teaching and supporting clients to get the best out of PEMF application to support a wide range of chronic conditions. Gill is also an independent Health Technician with Swiss Bionic Solutions.

Included in your individually tailored visit to the Centre will be an easy to understand presentation about PEMF, discussions about personal application, an iMRS session complete with iMORE and iSLRS applications including the Pad and Probe if required. The cost of the 1 hour session is £ 120.00 for the consultation and is payable the day before the consultation takes place.