Frequently Asked Questions

You can but as the quality of tap water varies around the world, it may be better to use mineral water.

Activation takes just 30 minutes for 2 litres of water which can be kept at room temperature for 24 hours.  The research on MRET Water confirmed it had the best properties beneficial to health right after activation and kept a substantial part of them after the storage at room temperature for at least 24 hours and refrigerated for at least 45 days after activation.

The MRET Water activator can be used in a ‘Work’ mode for a total of 7,200 hours or for 14,400 half-hour operation cycles. It operates for 2 years in case of 10 hours average daily usage (20 cycles or 40 litres), 4 years – for 5 hours average daily usage (10 cycles or 20 litres), most common 5 years – for 4 hours average daily usage (8 cycles or 16 litres), etc. After the specified term the activator has to be replaced with a new one.

Yes, there is a 1 year warranty with your MRET Water activator.

Pour 2 litres of drinking water (milk, juice or other liquid products) in the pitcher. Install the activator on the top of the pitcher and ensure the bottom part of the activator does not touch the liquid (2-5 centimetres above the liquid). Plug the AC adaptor into the power supply and click the little button on the top of the activator. A blinking red light comes on and shows that MRET activator is working. The process of optimal activation takes 30 minutes.  When the water is activated switch off the adapter from the power supply. The water (milk, juice, etc.) is ready for consumption.

You should start off gradually drinking your activated water and “Listen to your body” as in the early days there will be an extraction of toxins or if you are in chronic health it is recommended to begin with consuming half a glass a day, gradually increasing to 3 glasses a day. After your body adapts to the MRET water you can drink as much as you like and also to prepare tea, coffee, soups and other liquid products. Remember it’s at its most effective after the 30 minute activation but can be stored for 45 days in a refrigerator. You may want to convert 2 litres daily or convert several litres at a time and store in the fridge.

£595 including a free book about molecular resonance effect technology and its effects of human physiology and an international adaptor.