Life after Chronic Lyme disease

Life after Chronic Lyme disease
Gill Wilson Director PEMF Centre

‘Every disability conceals a vocation, if only we can find it, which will turn the necessity to glorious gain.’
– CS Lewis

Welcome to the PEMF Centre website.

I hope you will enjoy exploring the pages and the unique products I have put together which has been part of my own story of discovery along my own painful journey of chronic ill health. It started with the traditional medical sector’s inability to diagnose Chronic Lyme Disease and the associated trauma of what this bacterial infection does if left untreated to every system of the body with little hope of recovery and no answers from traditional medicine.

I hope all the years, time and money I have spent discovering how and why I went from travelling the world, running an international recruitment business to barely being able to function for years, will help and encourage others to understand some options you have to improve your own chronic health condition or alternatively introduce some modalities as preventative wellness for yourself and your family.

The PEMF Centre has been born out of my passion to share with others some of the little known health and wellness technologies that have fundamentally changed my life and made a significant contribution to being able to regain my health and vitality when I was given little hope of any recovery.

I had been ill with a mystery illness since collapsing in 1996 and was diagnosed with ME/ CSF and had to learn to live with my debilitating symptoms, managing and changing my life to attempt to continue to work but only from a home office. There were times I could work and times I could not. After major surgery in 2006 my symptoms got worse resulting in extended periods of being unable to work. In 2008 the neurological symptoms and excruciating pain throughout my whole I body was experiencing were so debilitating that I found it difficult to stand or be driven in a car to the end of the road.

As a last resort, and by this time with multiple infections, major gut issues, constant viruses, 18 years worth of fevers and hormonal and thyroid problems, I booked an appointment at a specialist clinic in Los Angeles determined to find the answers to my deteriorating health problems.

It was in Los Angeles at the end of 2008 after a year of intense treatment  privately in the UK that I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia in addition to the ME/ CFS I had for the last 18 years. Over the next 2.5 years I was treated with every antibiotic and supplement you can imagine to build up my system and try and get the Lyme Disease under control. I had multiple viruses, co infections, parasites, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, SIBO, a reverse T3 problem and hormonal imbalances.  It was later discovered I also had a Mycotoxyn illness which develops from mould and very difficult to get out of the system. After 3 years of very expensive treatment in the USA I still had chronic fatigue and was in chronic pain and could not live a normal life. The doctor advised there was nothing more he could do for me as I had the illness for too long.

At this time around May 2010 a friend introduced me to PEMF / MRS2000 the system in those days. When I started using the MRS2000 three times a day on the sensitive setting, I had no idea what PEMF was, the science behind the technology or why it could help me. However what I did experience in the next three months was improved cognitive function, improved ability to sleep, stability in my moods which could dramatically change overnight, my energy began to increase including my stamina which meant when I went out for a few hours it did not take me 4 days to recover.

My memory returned and pain levels significantly decreased. Was I healed?  – no but my quality of life had improved dramatically allowing me to go out, meet people, socialise and do some normal things people take for granted. People began to notice I was changing. It felt like my brain was connecting with my body again. With these improvements I could then tolerate doing research myself to see what else I could do.

I was also recommended to and invested in a RIFE machine and then did a couple of Rife sessions weekly and continued to use my PEMF/ MRS 2000 graduating to the new PEMF/ iMRS system three times a day. By the end of 2010 I had improved enough to consider returning to work and what could be better than sharing with others the life changing improvements I had had using the PEMF/ iMRS system which 9 years later is still part of my daily regime.  This did not mean I was symptom free or I did not have a bad day or a bad week but from living as I had done to where I was in early 2011 when I returned to work, for me was life changing.

I have now been working with the MRS 2000 and the iMRS for the last 8 years in addition to setting up two very different PEMF Centres to help people explore this technology. It’s been really tough pioneering PEMF in the UK meeting many brick walls of scepticism, denial and those more interested in protecting their own interests than helping people get out of pain and improve their quality of life who live with chronic illness.

Over the last 8 years I have travelled to the USA and Switzerland to add to my knowledge of PEMF and continue to develop my knowledge becoming an expert in PEMF and its application on the iMRS and Omnium 1 system. I have self funded and attended international Lyme Disease and Chronic Health conferences in Norway, Amsterdam and many in London listening to some of the leading Doctors and Scientists who have incredible expertise in treating Lyme Disease and unravelling the many different ways Lyme disease attacks the various systems of the body with both an allopathic approach and herbal and energetic modalities. I still believe that PEMF/ iMRS should be added to every person’s programme that has Chronic Lyme as I have worked with so many people with Lyme Disease over the last 8 years and everyone improves a number of aspects in their quality of life.

Through the PEMF Centre I have worked with people in chronic pain, children with Autism, people with Parkinson, MS, post recovery from surgery – hip and knee replacements. ME/Chronic Fatigue, prostate problems, arthritis and those looking to support both their treatment and recovery from cancer with PEMF. I have set up the iMRS system with the iSLRS in the Sheffield MS Therapy Centre and trained their staff to help those who want to use PEMF/ iMRS as one of their modalities. The Centre is also used by those with Fibromyalgia and Cancer. I have worked with Athletes, Racing car drivers, footballers and many more who want to improve performance and manage injuries.  I also worked with one of the Athletes in the 2012 Olympic Games.

I hope as you explore the website you will see why everyone benefits from using PEMF.

I am excited to be pioneering again and offer for the first time in the UK the MRET Water activator system and the MRET – Chip which I first saw when I watched a series“The Truth about Cancer”. I watched with great interest as there are many similarities in how you can improve your immune system when you have Lyme Disease, similar to the approach if you have Cancer.

Getting back to nature and cleaning up your system finding the best diet for yourself, cleaning up your environment of toxins, harmful EMFs, balancing the gut, ensuring the best supplementation of vitamins and minerals, all gives the body the best chance of recovery.  I learnt about MRET Water at this time and for some years have been trying to find a way to offer it here in the UK. Two things I know from my own regular testing both energetically and through blood tests over the years, firstly, after my daily regime of MRET Water drinking I don’t have any viruses today including some I was advised I would never get out of my system.

Secondly my CD4 test last month is over the top end of the normal blood testing scale. I personally drink two litres of MRET daily. I developed electro sensitivity due to Chronic Lyme Disease and since 2008 have been very careful of how I use technology. Using the iMRS daily helps with this however I have been using the MRET Shield/ Chip on my mobile phone, computer, router and hairdryer for the last 2 years. Any young person who knows me always has ‘how to stay safe’ mobile phone training from me, and if they walk past me with a phone in their pocket or on their ear then they know they will be in trouble! I am excited to have the MRET Shield/ Chip as a product you can buy for yourself and your family just launched on my new website 6th November 2019.

I truly believe that my own journey and faith in God in the darkest of days through Chronic Lyme disease has brought me to where I am today and I believe this quote of Joseph B Wirthlin really sums up my experience

“Learning to endure times of disappointment, suffering and sorrow is part of our ‘on the job’ training. These experiences while often difficult to bear at the time, are precisely the kinds of experiences that stretch our understanding, build our character and increase our compassion for others”.

For anyone living in a very difficult place with chronic ill health that may have found their way onto my website and is reading this “Faith is holding your hand out in the dark and finding it held”. Without my Christian faith and prayer and the continual prayers of friends and family I would have never left my home to travel to the USA in December 2008 and my life would be a very different story to the one it is today.

Gill Wilson
Director PEMF Centre
November 2019